How to Buy a Mattress: Tips on Beds and Mattresses

Beds and mattresses are the most important items of furniture in your home, and when you buy a mattress, this could be your most important purchase after your home itself. You will spend more time on your mattress, than on any other item of furniture in your entire home or office. It is not surprising that you are recommended to take time before making your choice, yet many people simply lie down for a few seconds and decide that it’s fine.

You will spend 6-8 hours a night on your bed or mattress, likely longer when you are newly married, and your kids will be conceived on it – perhaps even born on it – and they will then jump and bounce on it as they grow up: all during the 7-10 years lifespan of the average mattress. Should you not, therefore, spend more than just a few seconds in making your choice before you buy a mattress? Here are a few tips to help you choose.

Choosing a Bed

The bed will possibly come with the rest of your bedroom furniture if you purchase a complete set. If not, then you will do as most others do, and buy it separately. It is common practice today for people to purchase beds and mattresses together, but if you do that then do not simply take the mattress that comes with the bed – more on that later.

You will likely choose a bed to suit the general decor of your bedroom and its existing furniture. You might prefer a bed with underbed storage drawers, which are useful for the sheets, blankets and other bedding. Kids tend to use them for toys and books, but we shall restrict ourselves to adults here – although don’t forget that your child will also need a comfortable mattress to sleep on.

The larger the bed, the less likely partners are to disturb each other – but the more room they take and the more expensive they are. Make sure that the bed is suitable for your mattress, and never buy either before making sure that the two are compatible.

Beds and Mattresses Together

Between beds and mattresses, the mattress is the more important of the two. It is not strictly true to state that the bed doesn’t matter, and that the mattress will be comfortable even on a concrete base. This may be the case for a good, expensive mattress, but the bed also generally has a part to play. However, if you select the right mattress, then your choice of bed is much easier.

Make sure that the height suits you and your partner if you have one, and that you can get out of bed and stand up easily. Many elderly people, and those with arthritis or any muscular or skeletal problems, might find it difficult to stand up if the bed is too low. Naturally, this height will be a combination of the height of the bed and thickness of the mattress. That is one reason why it is important to test beds and mattresses together.

Buy a Mattress – But Test it First

Some stores specialize in mattresses, while many sell beds with the mattress that comes with it. You cannot always test your new bed and mattress together, although if it is possible to do so, then that is the best way to check out the whole package.

Do you remember when the base of the bed was sprung in a metal framework and the mattress was nothing more than a thickly filled quilt – feathers if we were rich? Mmm… maybe not! These were the good old days!

Today we have to tolerate fabulously comfortable mattresses made from springs covered in layers of comfort padding and foam. Memory foam conforms to the shape of your body when it warms up, and molds into your shape. That’s one reason for testing a bed for around 15 minutes. You and your partner can move around without affecting each other’s sleep.

Don’t worry about the 15 minute test – the assistants in any good bedding store will be used to it before you buy a mattress – in fact they will expect it and will realize you know your beds if you do! So if you and your partner test the mattress for long enough to get any memory foam working, and move around to find out how your movements affect each other, you will be in a good position to make a decision.

It is important to buy beds and mattresses together, and also to test them together if you can. Never buy a mattress online unless it has a 100% guarantee against you not liking it. Don’t ever forget that you will spend more time on your mattress than any other furniture in your home – even longer than you will spend standing in your shoes!